Do The Green Thing

Welcome to Day 2 of our 3-days of Designer-led Takeovers. Today we hear from Identity 2.0, London based creative studio working at the intersection of digital rights, technology and identity founded by Arda Awais and Savena Surana; and Shubhi Sachan of Material Library of India, a research and design consultancy specialising in industrial and agricultural waste.

A little about Arda and Savena: They produce work independently and with clients to explore what it means to exist online. Their approach combines creative tech, immersive experiences and humour to create accessible, fun spaces to discuss important topics.

A little about Shubhi: Her work investigates value changes and gives waste materials a new life after being exiled in towering landfills or incinerators. Her key focus is remodelling the use of industrial and agricultural waste materials, as well as combining the knowledge and skills of traditional crafts with modern materials.

Material Library of India, exploring the possibilities of NON-Recyclable Plastics

From exploring the possibilities of recycling multi layer packaging to the non recyclable ones. We realised the alternative potential in these materials by repurposing them into a range of materials which can serve as everyday products or the future of couture.

Material Library of India, exploring textile industry waste

This fabric is made from textile industry waste that would usually be burnt by factories in India. Drawing on the country’s long history of informal waste recycling, waste is collected, cleaned, sorted and rewoven into new valuable material. It is part of a larger project called The Material.

The Living Library for Seeds for Ikea Sweden.

Project was launched under IKEA Virtual Greenhouse and showcased at Dutch Design Week 2020.

Cancelled Plans

Pharmaceutical waste turned into a streetwear label called Cancelled Plans.
A brand owned and run by Mallika Reddy, second generation in the family run business of India’s largest pharmaceutical company called Dr. Reddy’s Lab.

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PUNĀH Project for Godrej

PUNĀH Project was commissioned for Godrej & Boyce in January 2015. From February 2015 till January 2017 an archive of 700+ waste materials from 39 facilities was rigorously categorised and catalogued. In parallel, thorough research on 9 materials was done to be able to come up with a product range and make a business case of these discarded / otherwise to be landfilled materials. PUNĀH Project was showcased on various platforms in India & internationally.