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MATEREALITY, is a series of experiential workshops initiated by the Material Library of India, focusing on the optimisation of everyday materiality from our homes to create and recreate raw material and products. We strive to introduce you to the inter-connected reality of our daily-life choices, and show how these choices can aid or hinder our collective journey towards conscious living. Exploring the five elements of existence, or Panchtatva, we examine the necessities we have as humans and how we derive essentials from our planet and its subsequent impact on our environment. Our programme offers workshops on the 5 basic materials we consume daily, these workshops urge you to move beyond the common beliefs and conceptions related to materiality and face the layered reality of the subject.

All our workshops include experiential activities and encourage discussions to make the learning experience relatable and exciting.


Pla-sticks foreverPlastic has always carried with it a bad reputation, making many of us boycott plastic shopping bags and even plastic bottles and packaging. But is that enough?

In our plastic workshop, we elucidate on how plastic makes its way into our daily life and what we as consumers can do to minimize our dependence on this immortal material.

Join us on this journey to explore the substantial way of life through the importance of materials.

15 seats per workshop / event – on first come first serve basis

Timing 12.00 noon to 3.00 pm
Date 16th JULY 2022
Venue : Material Library of India, A-51, Sector 57, Noida, 201301

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Movie Night

Following up on our textile workshop, Material Library of India is organizing movie screening for sustainability enthusiasts. It’s free of cost with complimentary snacks and drinks.

Although this event is free of cost, if you wish to donate to the MLI foundation the information is embedded inside the form.


Let’s choose our second skin carefullyGlamorized by the blinging sequences of fast fashion, we find ourselves trapped in the constant cycle of purchasing and discarding clothing, and the only downside we seem to notice are the prices. In our textile workshop, we bring your attention from burning holes in the pocket to instead the burning piles of discarded clothing. Our textile workshop is a journey to understand the making, usage and discarding of this essential material.